Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生におけるいじめの認識についての調査
ダイガクセイ ニ オケル イジメ ノ ニンシキ ニ ツイテ ノ チョウサ
An Investigation of the Recognition of Bullying in University Students

後藤, 知己  ,  濱野, 茜  ,  藤原, 彩  ,  元川, 未来  ,  ゴトウ, トモミ  ,  ハマノ, アカネ  ,  フジワラ, アヤ  ,  モトカワ, ミライ  ,  Gotoh, Tomomi  ,  Hamano, Akane  ,  Fujiwara, Aya  ,  Motokawa, Mirai

64pp.259 - 266 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
Bullying has become a major social problem. Depending on the changes in society, aspects of bullying is changing. To respond to those changes, the definition of bullying was also changed. Whether the university students responsible for the future society, fully recognize these situations, are crucial in considering the future teaching guidance in schools. In this study, we performed questionnaire survey concerning the experience and awareness of bullying on the students of Kumamoto University in the Faculty of Education and other Faculties. As a result, there were no clear differences on both the perpetrators of bullying (Faculty of Education, 29.0%, other Faculties 21.2%) and the victims experience (Faculty of Education, 26.1%, other Faculties 24.6%), between the two groups. Also, a big differences were not observed between the two groups on the awareness survey for bullying. From this survey, it was elucidated that recognition that bullying should be absolutely eradicated, is not shared fully among university students. Bullying have a major impact on the physical and mental growth of children with the future. To improve the education for bullying, more efforts are required.
本研究では、これから社会人となる大学生がいじめの実態についてどれほどの理解を示しているのかを明らかにするとともに、これから教育現場を担う教育学部に所属している学生が他学部と比較し、どれ程いじめについて正しい認識を得ているか、また、興味関心を抱いているかを明らかにすることを目的に行った. これにより、学校現場においていじめ教育の充実に役立てたい.

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