Departmental Bulletin Paper 阿蘇における壁画制作の取り組み : 教材化の可能性
アソ ニ オケル ヘキガ セイサク ノ トリクミ : キョウザイカ ノ カノウセイ
Making a local contribution by outdoor mural painting work : Possibilities as teaching materials

松永, 拓己  ,  マツナガ, タクミ  ,  Matsunaga, Takumi

64pp.213 - 220 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
This paper is research of outdoor mural painting work. In the text, I newly did practice research based on old research. Chapter 1 describes positioning of this research. Chapter 2 describes the new practice in Aso Uchinomaki There, I describe three measures. One is mural painting work of a tuck shop. One is opening of an exhibition. One is work by participation of the person of a town, or a tourist. I will carry out on November 15, 2014 and the 16th. Especially as for the event which carries out paint to a stone wall, many participants made. New town planning accomplished. Chapter 3 describes signboard work of the hotel in Aso Ichinomiya. I was carried out from August 9, 2014 on the 12th. The student drew the original picture. It is a pattern of the anime style. In Chapter 4, I am comparing two tasks. Two are a local contribution although the purpose has a difference. In it, I take up collaboration with children. In Chapter 5, I am summarizing the whole. I am summarizing the advantage and notes when carrying out collaboration with a child especially. For the student of the faculty of education, it is a place of good learning.
熊本県の阿蘇は魅力的な観光地であり、特色ある風物の宝庫である. 全国から多くの観光客が訪れている. 阿蘇内牧地区の活性化に取り組むことを求められ、芸術による取り組み(アートな街つくり)を考え2013年度より実施している. 2014年度においては、更なる取り組みを行う. また、阿蘇一の宮の宿泊施設「かんぽの宿」看板絵の制作を依頼された. この宿泊施設の新たな魅力づくりに絵画制作を行う取り組みである. 以上、2つの絵画制作の取り組みを立案、実践をもとに考察するものである.

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