Departmental Bulletin Paper 高等学校における交流及び共同学習の実態 : 熊本県における特別支援学校との交流について
コウトウ ガッコウ ニ オケル コウリュウ オヨビ キョウドウ ガクシュウ ノ ジッタイ : クマモトケン ニ オケル トクベツ シエン ガッコウ ト ノ コウリュウ ニ ツイテ
Exchange and Joint Learning (EJL) in High Schools : EJL with Special Needs Education Schools in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan

山下, 留美  ,  下中村, 武  ,  古田, 弘子  ,  ヤマシタ, ルミ  ,  シモナカムラ, タケシ  ,  フルタ, ヒロコ  ,  Yamashita, Rumi  ,  Shimonakamura, Takeshi  ,  Furuta, Hiroko

64pp.179 - 185 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
The objective of this study is to identify the present conditions, outcomes and problems of Exchange and Joint learning (EJL) from the viewpoint of high schools in Kumamoto prefecture in Japan. It also aims to clarify some tasks to promote EJL in the future. A total of ninety high schools were asked to participate in a questionnaire survey and 78 schools (86.6%) responded. The results revealed that, firstly, 30 high schools (38.5%) implemented EJL with special needs education (SNE) schools. Secondly, it was found that EJL was less implemented in private schools, part-time schools, and correspondence-course schools which implied these schools had not yet been ready to conduct EJL with SNE schools. Thirdly, it was found that even in public high schools which conducted EJL with SNE schools, less than 10% of students participated in EJL activities, which suggested a limited number of student participation as a whole. Additionally, an example was given of EJL between a public high school and a SNE school, with a focus of selling practice at the autumn festival in both schools.

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