Departmental Bulletin Paper 児童の不安低減と自尊感情向上に対する学級規模の心理教育プログラムの効果について(2) : 認知的側面と身体的側面への働きかけの導入
ジドウ ノ フアン テイゲン ト ジソン カンジョウ コウジョウ ニ タイスル ガッキュウ キボ ノ シンリ キョウイク プログラム ノ コウカ ニ ツイテ 2 : ニンチテキ ソクメン ト シンタイテキ ソクメン ヘノ ハタラキカケ ノ ドウニュウ
The Effect of A Class-sized Psychological Education Program For Self-esteem Improvement and Anxiety Reducation in Children(2) : Introducing New Activities to Encourage not only the Cognitive Side, but also the Bodily Side

堀川, 綾子  ,  柴山, 謙二  ,  ホリカワ, リョウコ  ,  シバヤマ, ケンジ  ,  Horikawa, Ryoko  ,  Shibayama, Kenji

64pp.113 - 121 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
In this study, we review the structure of the psychological education program based on cognitive behavioral therapy. As factors that make it possible to work more effectively on anxiety, a revised program was created. This revised program introduced new activities to encourage not only the cognitive side, but also the bodily side, such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, self instruction, and imagery techniques. The effect of these on self-esteem and anxiety was studied while incorporating them into lessons with a target fifth grade class. After program implementation, two of the three sub-factors and the overal anxiety score were significantly reduced, the effect persisting at almost the same level even after four months. In self-esteem, all the lower factor scores and the overall score rose, the effect again persisting even after four months. In addition, anxiety reduction and self-esteem improvement were obtained in the groups requiring support, the high-anxiety group and the low self-esteem group. As a task for the future, examining the effect on anxiety of incorporating interpersonal skills learning into the program should also be considered.
本研究では、堀川・柴山(2014b)のプログラムの構成を見直し、不安により効果的に働きかける要素として、認知面だけでなく身体にも働きかける深呼吸、筋弛緩法、自己教示、イメージ法を新たに取り入れて、修正プログラムを作成した. また、自尊感情の自己受容の側面をより高めるために、自分の気持ちを受けとめる学習を多く取り入れた. それを使って、5年生1クラスを対象に授業を行い、不安と自尊感情に及ぼす効果を検証する.

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