Departmental Bulletin Paper 小学校におけるニューカマー児童の受け入れと指導 : U市の学級担任教師の認識と態度を中心に
ショウガッコウ ニ オケル ニュー カマー ジドウ ノ ウケイレ ト シドウ : Uシ ノ ガッキュウ タンニン キョウシ ノ ニンシキ ト タイド オ チュウシン ニ
Acceptance and Guidance of Foreign Students in Japanese Elementary Schools : Focusing on the Understanding and Attitude of Classroom Teachers at U City

藤井, 美保  ,  孫, 恩惠  ,  フジイ, ミホ  ,  ソン, エンホェイ  ,  Fujii, Miho  ,  Son, Eun-Hye

64pp.105 - 112 , 2015-12-18 , 熊本大学
The purpose of this research is to clarify the modes of understanding and attitude of classroom teachers who are put in charge of foreign students in Japanese elementary schools. In areas where there are few foreign children, the ways of accepting and guiding them as newcomers in the elementary schools are left to the classroom teachers. In many cases, these teachers have to struggle with the new types of challenges brought by foreign students without useful help and support. At the same time, adaptation of foreign students to Japanese school life depends on the classroom teachers’ attitude and behaviors. The interviews of teachers and the observation of the school life of foreign students bring us the findings as follows: 1) classroom teachers recognized foreign children as a new type of student that they have not experienced and they have to struggle with acceptance and guidance of these students without suitable preparation, 2) the “barrier of language” is understood to be the source of most difficulties by classroom teachers and this understanding seems to make them ignore the other problems of foreign students, 3) classroom teachers have trouble with the conflict between cultural context and personal context when they face problems regarding the behavior of foreign students, 4) understanding of the support necessary for the learning of foreign students differs slightly among classroom teachers, so the support provided to these students is, in fact, not consistent, 5) classroom teachers need and demand support services and advisers which can help to resolve their problems in acceptance and guidance of foreign students.
本研究では、外国人散在地域U市において実施した現地調査の結果から、小学校の学級担任教師のニューカマー児童に対する認識と態度を捉えようと試みた. 学校現場でニューカマー児童の受け入れと指導に苦慮している学級担任教師に共感しつつ、受け入れの過程でどのような困難や課題に直面するのか、また、それらの困難や課題にどのように対処しているのかを明らかにし、散在地域の学校現場における多文化教育の課題と今後のあり方を探る一助としたい.

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