Journal Article ワンウェイ型MEVシェアリングシステムの導入可能性に関するシミュレーション分析

溝上, 章志  ,  中村, 謙太  ,  橋本, 淳也  ,  ミゾカミ, ショウシ  ,  ナカムラ, ケンタ  ,  ハシモト, ジュンヤ  ,  Mizokami, Shoshi  ,  Nakamura, Kenta  ,  Hashimoto, Junya

71 ( 5 )  , pp.I_805 - I_816 , 2015-12 , 社団法人 土木学会
The concept of car sharing is becoming popular all over the world because it greatly lessens environmental impact and provides individuals with an alternative transportation mode. One-way car sharing is convenient because users can access vehicles in one depot at any time and then return them to another. This “one-way car sharing” has spread globally. However, problems can arise, mainly as a result of the uneven distribution of vehicles, which can make it impossible to reserve a vehicle in some locations. In this research, we set out to verify the possibility of introducing one-way car sharing by creating a model of such a scheme, which we applied to an analysis of the scheme's operation. The results of our study revealed that the scheme will be most efficient when the number of allocated vehicles is equal to approximately half the capacity. We also confirmed the reduction in the environmental impact.

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