Article 熊本市の市街地駐輪政策に対する利用者の評価と駐輪行動を内生化した駐輪容量の適正化モデル
クマモトシ ノ シガイチ チュウリン セイサク ニ タイスル リヨウシャ ノ ヒョウカ ト チュウリン コウドウ オ ナイセイカ シタ チュウリン ヨウリョウ ノ テキセイカ モデル
An Analytical Study on Bicycle Users’ Evaluation for the Bicycle Parking Policy in Kumamoto City Center

溝上, 章志  ,  円山, 琢也  ,  ミゾカミ, ショウシ  ,  マルヤマ, タクヤ  ,  Mizokami, Shoshi  ,  Maruyama, Takuya

50 ( 3 )  , pp.676 - 683 , 2015-11 , 日本都市計画学会
There were some problems caused by illegally on streets parked bicycles in thecenter of Kumamoto city. All municipalparking lots for bicycles could be used free of charge, however, Kumamoto City has introduced Bicycle Parking Pricing System and extended no-parking zone since June 1st, 2012. Almost all problems seems to be ameliorated. This paper has three purposes. The first one is to reveal actual conditions of usage of bicycleparking lots and investigate users' evaluation for this policy. The secondone is to develop a model of parking lot and duration. The last one is to get the optimal solution of the bicycle parking lot capacity according to the variable demand, which is forecasted by the simulation based on the decision model of parking lot and duration.

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