Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生のニュース情報収集行動の課題と地域格差に関する調査
ダイガクセイ ノ ニュース ジョウホウ シュウシュウ コウドウ ノ カダイ ト チイキ カクサ ニ カンスル チョウサ
Survey results of findings to be addressed and a regional difference in the way college students' gather news information

渡部, 雅男  ,  ワタベ, マサオ  ,  Watabe, Masao

106pp.179 - 189 , 2015-03-17 , 熊本大学
The author administered a questionnaire to college students to find out if they can comprehensively gather news from news media sources. One of the findings of this study is about the conspectus nature of Internet usage. According to previous studies, obtaining news from the Internet causes the danger of falling into a non-demand-scan which means that students do not do comprehensive news gathering. Moreover, according to the questionnaire results, many college students think that they can obtain specific news information with the Internet. However, the findings of this study indicate that college students who frequently browse the Internet are able to get the conspectus nature of news. The author also found some other interesting results related to the way news information is acquired and media sources. In addition, there is a possibility for college students that a regional difference of consciousness to information exists, especially now that the means to collect information has improved with the widespread use of televisions and the Internet. Most people are aware of the local decline in the rural economy but it seems that they are unaware of the lack of consciousness with regards to information gathering. Therefore, further research is needed to shed light on this present situation.

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