Departmental Bulletin Paper 「大学ガバナンス改革」にみる政策議論構築機能の制度的脆弱性
ダイガク ガバナンス カイカク ニ ミル セイサク ギロン コウチク キノウ ノ セイドテキ ゼイジャクセイ
The institutional vulnerability of the policy-making discussion construction function exposed in the Japanese "university governance reform" discussions

水元, 豊文  ,  ミズモト, トヨフミ  ,  Mizumoto, Toyofumi

106pp.155 - 178 , 2015-03-17 , 熊本大学
This paper points out the institutional vulnerability of the policy-making discussions by analyzing the construction process of the so-called "university governance reform" discussions from 1998 in Japan. The Japanese government, specially the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and many educational experts have regularized the policy discussions for the "university reforms" to struggle with the globalized economic wars. As the results of the discussions, the Japanese national universities were "incorporated" in 2004. However, the main policy interest groups, such as the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (LDP), the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren), and the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai-doyukai) despaired the results of the "incorporation" to utilize the universities as the surviving tools for the global economic wars. The policy interest groups have formally and informally forced the government to accelerate the reforms to the "global" economic competition-oriented universities by vitalizing the management and governance by the university top-managers. The government by the policy interest groups' strong requests has actualized the critical university "governance" reforms in 2014.This paper scrutinizes the institutional vulnerability of social discussion construction processes in Japan. In addition, this paper problematizes the forfeiture of our agenda-setting and discussion rights by the economic policy interest groups' policy-making discussion control.

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