Departmental Bulletin Paper マルロー『人民戦線期のカルネ』が語るもの : 民衆への眼差しの変化をめぐって
マルロー ジンミン センセンキ ノ カルネ ガ カタル モノ : ミンシュウ ヘノ マナザシ ノ ヘンカ オ メグッテ
About the Change in Malraux's Eyes Toward the People : What the Author's notebook of Popular Front Tells Us

畑, 亜弥子  ,  ハタ, アヤコ  ,  Hata, Ayako

106pp.97 - 107 , 2015-03-17 , 熊本大学
In Malraux's Notebook of Popular front, recently published, there is an impressive description of people and the crowd. This description of people is different from oppressed people in his early novels. At first, the change in Malraux's eyes in the way he described the people is considered from the comparison between Man's fate, Hope and The Walnut Trees of Altenburg. We can reorganize Malraux's impressive description of the people in Hope and The Walnut Trees of Altenburg. Next, we confirm vivid descriptions in Notebook of Popular front of Parisians who gathered to hear Leon Bulm's speech. They reveal that it was in the Popular Front period, not in the Spanish Civil War that the author realized the positive power of the people.

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