Departmental Bulletin Paper コーパスを用いた外来語サ変動詞の分析 : 「マークする」を例として
コーパス オ モチイタ ガイライゴ サヘン ドウシ ノ ブンセキ : マーク スル オ レイ ト シテ
A Corpus-based Study on Loanword Verbs in Japanese : A Case Study of Maaku-suru (<mark)

茂木, 俊伸  ,  モギ, トシノブ  ,  Mogi, Toshinobu

106pp.83 - 95 , 2015-03-17 , 熊本大学
This study aims to analyze in detail the polysemous loanword verb maaku-suru. The study analyzes the meaning and construction of maaku-suru based on examples from the Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese (BCCWJ) and demonstrates the need and potential for conducting research on the grammatical characteristics of loanwords. First, the paper summarizes explanations of maaku-suru from dictionaries and Japanese language teaching materials and identifies problems related to these explanations. Next the study analyzes the semantic and grammatical characteristics of maaku-suru based on examples from the BCCWJ and demonstrates the existence of a corresponding relationship between them. Lastly, the paper analyzes the meaning of maaku-suru in comparison with the synonymous expressions maaku o tsukeru and kiroku-suru.

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