Departmental Bulletin Paper 笑いと音楽療法 : その連携の可能性に向けて
ワライ ト オンガク リョウホウ : ソノ レンケイ ノ カノウセイ ニ ムケテ
Laughter and Music Therapy : A Search for Their Happy Cooperation

木村, 博子  ,  キムラ, ヒロコ  ,  Kimura, Hiroko

106pp.1 - 15 , 2015-03-17 , 熊本大学
Laughter or humor is indispensable to our daily lives. Recently the effectiveness of laughter has been recognized in medical and health care settings, especially for its potential for promoting resilience. In spite of its therapeutic power and the long history of combining music with comedy, laughter or humor has not been paid much attention in music therapy. In this article the author looks back at the prior research into laughter in physiology, psychology and social studies and then considers the need and possibility of introducing laughter into music therapy sessions, along with her case study of a 7 years long Community Music Therapy group. Finally, the author suggests that parody or musical comedy of old popular songs which uses the theory of incongruity is useful for creating laughter in Japanese group music therapy sessions.

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