Departmental Bulletin Paper 大分における蜑人の系譜 : 『臼杵博識誌』と湯治舟
オオイタ ニ オケル アマ ノ ケイフ : ウスキ ハクシキシ ト トウジブネ
The history of Ama (a fisherman) in Oita. "Usuki knowledge journal" and Toujibune (a ship at a spa to cure a desease)

田畑, 博子  ,  タバタ, ヒロコ  ,  Tabata, Hiroko

13pp.157 - 167 , 2015-03-25 , 熊本大学
People living on the sea - Hyokaimin (people who live on boats), 蛋民 - Danmin (people who have traditionally lived on junks in coastal parts in Southern China) 家船 - Ebune (a group of people who live on boats)about Ama. 漂海民 - people living on coastal parts in the Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia and Japan. The study does not a advance about Ebune (a fishing-boat people) now. Ebune came to settle down in fixed places. We can't find any advanced studies of Ebune. I examine two cases in Oita Prefecture, which can be said “Ebune's vestige”. One case is Usukine-hakubutsushi Journal's article on Ama (fishermen) and the other is Tojibune (boats for hot-spring cure) which used to be seen in Beppu. From the article “Usuki knowledgeable journal”, According to the article, I found that Ebune had transferred from Nochi, Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture to Suwakakakinoe, Usuki City, Oita Prefecture. I also tried to examine the haiku poems about the Tojibune of those days.

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