Departmental Bulletin Paper 《兒女英雄傳》訳注 [PART2]
ジジョ エイユウデン ヤクチュウ PART2
Notes to 《Ernü Yingxiong Zhuan》 [PART2]

植田, 均  ,  石, 亮亮  ,  寧, 躍  ,  劉, 昕  ,  恵, 冰潔  ,  馬, 旭超  ,  ウエダ, ヒトシ  ,  イシ, リョウリョウ  ,  ネイ, ヤク  ,  ケイ, ヒョウケツ  ,  バ, キョクチョウ  ,  Ueda, Hitoshi  ,  Shi, Liangliang  ,  Ning, Yue  ,  Liu, Xin  ,  Hui, Yuejie  ,  Ma, Xuchao

13pp.1 - 13 , 2015-03-25 , 熊本大学
<Ernü Yingxiong Zhuan> is a representative work of late Qing Dynasty in the northern mandarin area. It's a novel with 40 rounds, and the author was Wen Kang who was Manchu Banners (Dates of birth and death are unknown, this was written in 1821 to 1850). And the language foundation is Beijing dialect, but sometimes use Shandong dialect and Manchu language.There are no notes on this novel, and so we use the notes written by Modern Chinese Research Class students from Kumamoto University, which can help readers to understand the realities of the oral language and dialects.

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