Departmental Bulletin Paper Beliefs of East Asian Adolescents Regarding Maternal Love and Moral Autonomy<教育科学>

崔, 順子  ,  許, 艶鳳  ,  首藤, 敏元

66 ( 2 )  , pp.185 - 193 , 2017 , 埼玉大学教育学部
The Belief in Maternal Love (BML) is a cultural belief, in which the mother is regarded as a generous and a great entity. In this study, the relationship between the BML and moral autonomy in family relationships was examined. Participants were 646 college students in East Asia (Beijing: 195. Seoul: 217, Tokyo and Nagoya: 234, Mean age: 20 years). Results indicated that the factor structure of BML of participants in the three societies was similar. The stronger the BML, the stronger was the attitude of self-sacrifice for the family. However, the correlation between BML and the unilateral acceptance of parental authority was not significant. Moreover, there was a slight negative correlation with the individualistic attitude of prioritizing personal demands over family demands. These results suggest that BML is a cultural belief that does not restrict individualistic moral attitudes, but that it exists independent of it.

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