Departmental Bulletin Paper 欧米多国籍企業のアジアにおける流通チャネル戦略 : ユニリーバ・P&G の比較《論文》

井原, 基

151pp.1 - 20 , 2017-6 , 埼玉大学経済学会
This article analyzes Unilever and Proctor & Gamble's strategy for building distribution channels in Asia. It describes the history of each company's subsidiaries in India, China, Indonesia and Thailand while also referring to theory on distribution channels and international marketing. It was found that Unilever has built channels covering numerous cities and villages with exclusive wholesalers, and in some cases it uses wholly-owned depots, while Proctor & Gamble has built similar channels using more general wholesalers and small retailers in a narrower area, since it has no subsidiaries in China. As stated above, differences exist between one multinational and another in each country. However, the most meaningful finding is that the overseas distribution channels of a single multinational differ so much from country to country.

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