Thesis or Dissertation Studies on Stereospecific Polymerization of Polar Monomer with Zirconium Complexes

斎藤, 雄介

指導教員 : 石井昭彦
Chapter 1 General Introduction 7Chapter 2 Isospecific Polynerization of ω-alken-α-oxytriisopropylsilane with zirconium complex with [OSSO]-type ligard 372-1 Introduction 382-2 Polymerization of siloxy-substituted α-olefin 402-3 Conclusion 522-4 Experimental Section 532-5 Reference 55Chapter 3 Copolymerization of 5-hexen-l-oxytriisoropylsilane with ethylene or l-hexene catalyzed by zirconium complex having[OSSO]-type ligard 583-1 Introduction 593-2 Copolymerization of ethylene with 5-hexen-l-oxytriisoropylsilane 613-3 Copolymerization of 1-hexene with 5-hexen-l-oxytriisoropylsilane 733-4 Conclusion 783-5 Experimental Section 793-6 Reference 81Chapter 4 Transformation of the terminal siloxy-substituted poly(α-olefin)s 824-1 Introduction 834-2 Transformation of siloxy-substituted polymer into acetoxy-substituted polymer 854-3 Conclusion 914-4 Experimental Section 924-5 Reference 94Chapter 5 Couclusion and Outlook 95Acknowledgement 98List of Publications 100

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