Departmental Bulletin Paper 戦後70年間のわが国の建築活動の結果と課題および対応の方向《論文》

木俣, 信行

148pp.173 - 197 , 2016-8 , 埼玉大学経済学会
 After the Second World War, from 1948 to 2014, Japan constructed more than 116 G-square meters of floor area of buildings and housing. The total amount of money poured into this construction can be calculated to be over 123 billion yen. However, Japanese people currently have about 73 G-square meters of floor area, and are still constructing about 1.1 square meters of floor area per person annually, pouring about 200 thousand yen each into this construction work every year. In this paper, the author has endeavored to review the results of Japanese architectural activities during these 70 years, pointing out the problems, and has attempted to indicate solutions to issues for future generations in constructing a sustainable society.

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