Departmental Bulletin Paper 学生の価値観とインターンシップの効果《論文》

酒井, 理

148pp.135 - 147 , 2016-8 , 埼玉大学経済学会
 In this study, we explore the causes of a variety of types of growth in students through participation in an internship program. The purpose of this study was refinement of the internship program. Students grow in various ways through the internship program. However, this growth is mainly in the two directions “raising the awareness of learning” and “raising the awareness of work.” Some students increase their “awareness of work,” and the growth of some students is in the “awareness of learning.” Some students grow in both, and some students do not change. The effect depends on the individual. We set up the following hypothesis. Mindsets produce differences in effect. According to the analysis, mindsets influence the effect of lectures. However, they have no influence on the effect of work experiences. We therefore modified the hypothesis model that was built initially. In the results of the study, we present a model that separates the effects of lectures and work experience.

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