Departmental Bulletin Paper 健全な林業と健全な住居を一挙に実現する : 持続可能社会への実践提案《論文》

外岡, 豊

148pp.113 - 134 , 2016-8 , 埼玉大学経済学会
 We have conducted a project “Achieving Climate Change Abatement and Comfortable Life by a Partnership between Forestry and Natural Housing in Urban”, which aims to achieve carbon neutral housing to 2050 by linking forest management to the use of domestic wood in urban environmental friendly natural material housing promoted by A NPO named Tennen-Jyutaku, (Natural Housing). This paper introduces the project, its purpose, activity, and related analyses for verification tests. For verification, observation of indoor environment and lumber strength quality with low temperature drying process have been promoted, and we analyzed long period Life Cycle Assessment of CO2 emissions in all the processes from afforestation to demolishing of the housing. To support the penetration of the housing, we have developed a citizen finance system and a certification system of environmental friendly housing, which may put appropriate price for high environmental performance housing in the secondhand housing market.

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