Departmental Bulletin Paper Compensation System in the Chinese Automobile Industry : A Case Study of a Leading Automobile Firm in Notheastern China

孫, 家希

13pp.67 - 81 , 2016-4 , 埼玉大学経済学会
This research investigated the compensation system of one leading Chinese government operated automobile firm. Currently, the development of Tanoko have attracted the attention from the global automobile industry. From now on, Tanoko also need to be developed in Chinese automobile industry not only for improving the productivity but also for easing the approaching ageing society and labor shortages in China. This study is based on in-depth interviews with one leading automobile Company C in northeastern China in order to clarify the effectiveness of the compensation system on motivating workers' skill development. The findings have shown that the compensation system in Company C has no motivational effect on involving workers into productivity improving activities, which have brought a huge inefficiency to the assembly plant. This paper is a strong evidence to point out the necessity of the future reformation of Chinese automobile companies' compensation system by reflecting workers' skills into the compensation system.

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