Departmental Bulletin Paper 生活と社会福祉の主体形成を目指す教養としての高校福祉科目カリキュラムの検討<教育科学>

熊倉, 悠貴  ,  横瀬, 友紀子  ,  河村, 美穂

65 ( 1 )  , pp.37 - 48 , 2016 , 埼玉大学教育学部
AimSocial Work Education in Senior High School aims not only to develop social workers, but also for students to acquire good citizenship.Students sometimes think about the relationship between social problems and their own daily life in Home Economics. This way of thinking is so useful for students to learn about social problems on their own.This study aims to examine the curriculum of social work education which develops good student citizenship in daily life with reference to the idea of making independent people in home economics education.This study has three phases:(1) Examining the theory behind social work education curriculum(2) Proposing a curriculum of social work education in daily life(3) Reexamining the curriculum through analysis of practical classesMethod and results in each phase(1) We examined some theories about social work and discovered three steps for learning; ① understanding the theory of social welfare ② understanding the construction of social problems ③ discovering social problems around oneself(2) We proposed a curriculum of social work made on the basis of the above three steps. It was an important way for students to learn and relearn using the three steps.(3) The two authors taught classes based on this curriculum and collected data from 37 students in Sakado High School (questionnaire, classes records by students, final comments by students). After that these data were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively.The results were that students became interested in social welfare in the questionnaires and could think about some social problems as their own problems in the records and final comments.Students learned many things, but it was a little difficult to understand the construction of social problems in only a year. We believe that at least three year is necessary.

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