Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学生の授業におけるチーム固定による効果について : 球技・バスケットボールの事例より<教育科学>

小野寺, 恵介  ,  松本, 真

65 ( 1 )  , pp.25 - 35 , 2016 , 埼玉大学教育学部
This paper investigated the effects of fixed teams in two university class of basketball for students. Recently many studies focused on relationship between students in a physical education class and they suggested importance of good relationship among learners to learn from each other. Few studies have been done, however, the influence of how we make teams in a class. Especially none of the study has focus on the university students so far, as far as I know. Therefore, I surveyed the influence of fixed teams in the two basketball classes in a university. Totally 149 students participated in two class and each had 8 class in the semester. First of 8 classes, we sent out questionnaires to check students’ tactical skill of basketball. Then we divided the teams from the results. Each team has 6 or 7 players and we did not change in all 8 classes. In the last class of this semester, we sent out questionnaires to investigate how student feel about the fixed teams whole time. Also I chose 5 students at random sampling to have interviews. In the interview, I ask reasons why students liked or disliked fixed teams. The results suggested that overall to fix the team made good relationship between students, improvement of skills and knowing ball game. On the other hand a few team had a problem and in the teams students wanted to change the teams more than the other teams. Also when we fix the teams, students can find their roles easier than not fixed, but these students may not try the other new roles. Teachers should think these advantage and disadvantage of fixed teams when they make teams in a class.

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