Departmental Bulletin Paper 色素増感太陽電池の性能向上と化学教材の開発<数学・自然科学>

鈴木, 崇広  ,  芦田, 実  ,  松岡, 圭介

65 ( 1 )  , pp.167 - 178 , 2016 , 埼玉大学教育学部
The teaching materials of the dye-sensitized solar cell conforming to the new official guidelines for schoolteaching were developed. The sintering method of titanium oxide powder, the solvent and adsorption time of pigment, and the production method of carbon catalyst layer of the opposite pole, etc. were devised, and the production time of the cell was shortened within 30 minutes. Cheap red cabbage powder was used for sensitizing dye.

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