Journal Article New Types of Markers and the Integration of M-CubITS Pedestrian WYSIWYAS Navigation Systems for Advanced WYSIWYAS Navigation Environments

間邊, 哲也  ,  長谷川, 孝明  ,  SERIZAWA, Takashi  ,  MACHIDA, Nobuhiro  ,  YOSHIDA, Yuichi  ,  FUJIWARA, Takayuki

copyright©2016 IEICE
This paper presents two new types of markers of M-CubITS (M-sequence Multimodal Markers for ITS; M-Cubed for ITS) that is a ground-based positioning system, in order to advance the WYSIWYAS (What You See Is What You Are Suggested) navigation environments providing intuitive guidance. One of the new markers uses warning blocks of textured paving blocks that are often at important points as for pedestrian navigation, for example, the top and bottom of stairs, branch points, and so on. The other uses interlocking blocks that are often at wide spaces, e.g., pavements of plazas, parks, sidewalks and so on. Furthermore, we construct the integrated pedestrian navigation system equipped with the autornatic marker-type identification function of the three types of markers (the warning blocks, the interlocking blocks, and the conventional marker using guidance blocks of textured paving blocks) in order to enhance the spatial availability of the whole M-CubITS and the navigation system. Consequently, we show the possibility to advance the WYSIWYAS navigation environments through the performance evaluation and the operation confirmation of the integrated system.

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