Journal Article 条件不利地域における県境道路整備の期待効果 : 福井県池田町をケーススタディとして

小塚, みすず  ,  三寺, 潤  ,  吉村, 朋矩  ,  川本, 義海

15pp.293 - 298 , 2017-02 , 公益社団法人日本都市計画学会
It is social capital necessary to improve of an arterial road network which is using effectively and effectively in a national land. In addition, it is contribute that make a quality of life and life by safety and security. In the cross-boundary region, especially it is necessary to improve cross-border road network which has strength and alternative in prefectural border regions. Furthermore, it is important to base on the administrative area and the regional-block, and also, developed to the integrated community policy. The present report provides a summary of the results our investigation in Ikeda-town, Fukui Prefecture where the cross-boundary. Firstly, we arranged the statistics basic data of population dynamics and the arterial road network. Secondly, we carried out the field work, interview survey and questionnaire survey.

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