Journal Article 精神科病院に勤務する看護者の属性による感情労働の違い

藤川, 君江  ,  上野, 栄一  ,  林, 真紀

21pp.101 - 110 , 2017-01 , 日本人間関係学会
The purpose of this study was to clarify a factor to influence the emotional labor of the nursing person who worked in a mental hospital.This survey was conducted on a total of 483 nurses working in eight places of single department mental hospitals. One-way Anova analysis was performed to compare with individual attribution and the four sub-scales of "the negative expressiveness to a patient," "the disharmony of feelings" , "sympathy, the positive expressiveness to a patient" and "the sensitivity to feelings".There were significant differences between "the negative expressiveness to a patient" and age, the nursing years of experience, the psychiatry nursing years of experience, an assignment department. There was a significant difference between "sympathy and the positive expressiveness to a patient" and education role, and also there was a significant "the disharmony of feelings" and age, the nursing years of experience, and an education role.These results showed that the point of emotional labor was high to the nurse who had was 29 years or younger, nurse with less than 10 years of nursing experience, and education roles.It was suggested that it is effective in social support to convey knowledge and the experience of the psychiatry nursing based on scientific evidence .

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