Journal Article 「大きい-小さい」「速い-遅い」に基づいたペット型ロボットの動作とその感性分析

井上, 博行

15pp.183 - 191 , 2016-02 , 日本感性工学会
Various types of robots have recently been incorporated into everyday human life, and interaction between humans and robots is predicted to increase. Consequently, it is important to model the Kansei that a human feels on observing the actions of a robot. However, precisely defining certain actions of a robot such as “cute operation” is difficult. In this paper, we analyze the relation between robot motions based on large-small and fast-slow actions and Kansei words. First, the motions of the pet type robot AIBO corresponding to large-small and fast-slow actions are defined. Then, the relation between those motions and Kansei words is analyzed using correspondence analysis. In addition, we analyze the effect that the scale and speed of robot motions imbue in human Kansei using analysis of variance.

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