Journal Article モード合成法を用いた超音波プラスチック溶接の動的挙動予測

小出, 一志  ,  鞍谷, 文保  ,  平居, 嵩朗  ,  菊池, 健  ,  中山, 久美子  ,  鷲尾, 宰司

50 ( 11 )  , pp.593 - 601 , 2015-11 , 公益社団法人日本設計工学会
Ultrasonic plastic welding is one of the most widely used techniques for joining thermoplastics because no adhesive is required. To guarantee the successful welding, it is important to predict and evaluate the dynamic behavior at the joint area between the two parts to be joined. In this paper, the dynamic behavior at the joint area induced by the horn vibration is predicted by dynamic contact analysis based on time history response analysis. In addition, a significant reduction in computation time for the dynamic contact analysis is achieved using component mode synthesis method. The proposed method is validated by comparing the predictions of dynamic behavior with the experimental data. The predictions indicate the dynamic behavior depends on a driving frequency while the driving frequency is fixed for an ultrasonic welding machine.

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