Departmental Bulletin Paper AVRマイコンによる光強度規格化制御システムの構築 : フォトリフレクタンス分光における偽作信号抑制のために

小林,英一  ,  長谷川,昂輝  ,  牧野,哲征  ,  橋本,明弘

We describe microcomputer-based implementation of the PI-control system for normalization of the dc reflectance part from the photoreflectance data. Our technique uses a stepping-motor-driven variable neutral-density filter which keeps the dc component of the detecting signal constant by varying the light flux impinging into the specimen under test. This enabled extremely facile a-posteriori subtraction of the spurious component of the photoreflectance, which has been often problematic for the precise measurements. We optimized this feedback system through parameterization of the proportional and integral terms

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