Departmental Bulletin Paper Formation of Periodical Structure Formed on Diamond-like Carbon Film with a Femtosecond Laser : The formation on sliding surface of machine part

Tao,Masanori  ,  Iwai,Yoshiro  ,  Sentoku,Eisuke

Recently, it was reported that nano scale structure are formed on the metal surfaces by irradiating femtosecond laser pulses at an energy power density (fluence) slightly above the ablation threshold [1]. These structures have lately attracted considerable attention as a method to give a high function to the surface. This was verified experimentally by the authors in a recent paper [21. In this paper, we report the formation of the structure to the cylindrical surface of the piston ring as a proper example of sliding surface of machine parts (piston ring). As a result, the processing system combined the femtosecond laser and NC rotation stage was developed and formed the nano scale structure (pitch A = 311 nm) on the piston ring at F = 0.13 J/cm2, v = 24 mm/s, is = 60 gm.

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