Journal Article Prototype of a Handheld Displacement Measurement System Using Multiple Imaging Sensors

Fujigaki, Motoharu  ,  Minamino, Hiroki  ,  Ikoma, Noboru  ,  Tamai, Hiroki  ,  Murata, Yorinobu

15 ( Special Issue )  , pp.s70 - s74 , 2015-08 , 日本実験力学会
Compact and conventional strain distribution measurement equipment is required to monitor the health and the lifelengthening characteristics of infrastructures, such as steel bridges. Digital holography is a convenient method that can be used to measure the displacement and the strain distributions on the surface of an object. Compact and handheld equipment is required for practical use on a field site. Simplification of the optical setup is required to produce more compact equipment. An imaging head with multiple imaging devices was developed by the authors to produce more compact equipment. In this paper, a prototype of a handheld displacement distribution measurement system using eight imaging devices was developed. The evaluation of the displacement measurement usi

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