Departmental Bulletin Paper 彷徨えるロボット : 群ロボットの自己位置同定

竹下 聡亮  ,  髙田 宗樹  ,  平田 隆幸

Swarm intelligence has been attracted much attention of researchers in various fields. A swarm robot is one of theresearch fields of the swarm intelligence. In the study of the swarm robots, a number of small robots are used. Althoughindividual robot ability is not so high, a colony of robots can achieve a complex task with co-operative work. The antsearches feeding area, and carries food to the nest with marking by pheromone. Other ants trace the pheromone and goto the feeding area. Many ants shuttle between the nest and the feeding area. The pheromone route between the nest andthe feeding area is formed. Thus the route is confirmed and optimized. We focus on the swarm robot’s self-localizationand mapping in the exploration field.

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