Departmental Bulletin Paper 触媒活性評価に関する一工夫 : 指標としての触媒当たり時間当たり反応変換率(HCC)の提案

高橋 一朗  ,  松永 崇利  ,  砂田 優輝  ,  棚橋 克弥  ,  細井 信造

Catalytic reactions have been favored nowadays in terms of economical and environmental requirements. On this point, the term TON (TurnOver Number) has widely been utilized because of its facile availability. However, during the optimization of reaction conditions, it is not as useful as its fame, because it does not reflect whether the reaction in question is fast or slow. We propose the term HCC (Hourly Conversion per Catalyst) in order to make experimenters easier to assess the ultimate reaction condition with quantitative conversion.

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