Conference Paper Acquisition of Human Operation Characteristics for Kite-based Tethered Flying Robot using Human Operation Data

Todoroki, Chiaki  ,  Takahashi, Yasutake  ,  Nakamura, Takayuki

IEEE International Conference of Fuzzu Systems August 2-5 2015 Istanbul, Turkey
This paper shows human skill acquisition systemsto control the kite-based tethered flying robot. The kite-basedtethered flying robot has been proposed as a flying observationsystem with long-term activity capability[1]. It is a relatively newsystem and aimed to complement other information gatheringsystems using a balloon or an air vehicle.This paper shows some approaches of human operationcharacteristics acquisition based on fuzzy learning controller, knearestneighbor algorithm, and artificial neural network forthe kite-based tethered flying robot using human operation dataand their validity through computational simulation which wedeveloped[2].

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