Journal Article Fuzzy Control for a Kite-Based Tethered Flying Robot

Takahashi, Yasutake  ,  Ishii, Tohru  ,  Todoroki, Chiaki  ,  Maeda, Yoichiro  ,  Nakamura, Takayuki

Observation providing information from above is im-portant in in large-scale or dangerous rescue activ-ity. This has been done from balloons or airplanes.Balloon observation requires a gas such as heliumand takes a relatively long time to prepare, and whileairplane observation can be prepared in a relativelyshort time and is highly mobile, flight time dependson the amount of fuel a plane can carry. We haveproposed and developed a kite-based tethered flyingrobot that complements balloon and airplane obser-vation while providing a short preparation time andlong flight time [1]. The objective of our research isautonomous flight information gathering consisting ofa kite, a flight unit, a tether and a ground control unitwith a line-winding machine. We propose fuzzy con-trollers for our robot that are inspired by kite flying

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