Journal Article Multi-state molecular shuttling of a pair of [2]rotaxane in response to weak and strong acid and base stimuli

Tokunaga, Yuji  ,  Kawamoto, Hajime  ,  Ohsaki, Hiroshi  ,  Kimura, Masaki  ,  Miyagawa, Shinobu  ,  Deguchi, Yasuaki  ,  Kawasaki, Tsuneomi

56 ( 13 )  , pp.1667 - 1670 , 2015-03-15 , Elsevier
Type your Abstract text here This paper describes the base- and acid-mediated four-state (partially five-state) translational isomerization of a mixture of two [2]rotaxanes, each containing N-alkylamine and N-arylamine centers as binding sites for threaded crown ethers. Gradual changes in the molecular shuttling of each [2]rotaxane were achieved in response to both the amount and strength of the added acid or base.

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