Departmental Bulletin Paper 英語ユーザとしての小中学生のインタラクション能力を育てる非線的循環シラバス

村端, 五郎  ,  村端, 佳子

89pp.11 - 20 , 2017-08-25 , 宮崎大学教育学部
This paper discusses the need for a non-linear cyclical syllabus to develop interactional competence of Japanese students as L2 users who learn English in an EFL context. There has been an ungrounded premise on L2 learning that teaching L2 vocabulary and grammar on a bits-and-pieces basis in a linear fashion and providing opportunities for free talk make L2 users enable to carry out fluent interaction in a L2 conversational discourse. However, it has been shown in applied linguistic studies that the story isn't that simple. We argue for the necessity of teaching knowledge of and skills in conversational organizations in a non-linear cyclical syllabus to be designed as a scaffolding in addition to a textbook-based linear mainstream syllabus. This paper concludes by insisting that these two syllabuses be integrated in order to solve inefficiency problems perennially inherent in English teaching in Japan.

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