Departmental Bulletin Paper 変数名に着目したリファクタリング支援ツール MCC の現状と課題

田上, 諭  ,  片山, 徹郎

46pp.275 - 278 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
This research has implemented a prototype of refactoring support tool MCC(Make Clean Coder) which focuses on the naming of variables. This prototype helps to describe a clean code by static analysis for the source code written in C language. And, it can help to reduce factors that prevent programmers understanding the source code when they modify it by pointing out improper variable names. We applied some source codes written in C language to the prototype, and confirmed that it works properly. By using this prototype, because it can reduce reduction of time to understand the source code, programmers can shorten the coding time, lower the possibility of embedded bugs, and decrease in the time required to add functions. In this paper, we describe the current status and issues of MCC.

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