Departmental Bulletin Paper 3 次元人体モデルによる電波遮蔽特性の数値的検討

榊原, 昌太  ,  横田, 光広

46pp.209 - 206 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In cellular mobile communications, the number of customers who use cellular phones indoors is rapidly increasing. Many examinations have been reported about the outdoor propagation loss characteristic, and the propagation model and the presuming method are standardized. On the other hand, although the presumed type based on an experiment has been proposed about the propagation loss characteristic, the examination of the physical model which can take into consideration the size of a passage and the number of passersby (passerby density) in detail is carried out. In this study, the three- imensional human body is considered and the shadowing property is examined by the FDTD method numerically. The received power for various height of the transmitter is calculated at various observation plane and the effect of the propagation loss is considered.

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