Departmental Bulletin Paper 高圧配電線路におけるフェランチ効果と逆潮流による電圧変動に関する研究

比江島, 大輝  ,  甲斐, 貴大  ,  林, 則行

46pp.191 - 196 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In this paper, we investigated the relationship between static condenser installation and the characteristic of voltage variation due to Ferranti effect in high voltage distribution system incorporating with PV system. We investigated about the suppression of the Ferranti effect by detaching the static condenser capacitors. Focusing on the change in system voltage due to the Ferranti effect, we simulated the voltage change in the presence or absence of the static condenser capacitors. In simulation result, the highest voltage reduction occurred when the static condenser capacitor at the node number 24 was removed. However, the reduction of voltage rise is small as if only one static condenser is removed. Therefore, in order to control the system voltage by suppressing the Ferranti effect, it is necessary to release plenty of phase advance capacitors.

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