Departmental Bulletin Paper Design of Thermoelectric Power Generation System Using Solar Thermal Energy

Ishitsu, Tomoko  ,  Hayashi, Noriyuki  ,  Htin Kyaw, Oo

46pp.185 - 189 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In recent decade, global warming or shortage of resources fossil fuels are becoming large issue inhibiting the development of industry. In the increased demand for resources in the world, Japan has limited resources so that it is critical to secure a stable supply of resource. Therefore, the promotion of energy conservation and the introduction of renewable energy has become an important challenge. In this research, a thermoelectric generator system is made to utilize solar heat energy. This system using solar heat collected by a Fresnel lens produces electric power. The main feature of the system is that conversion part consists of a fresnel lens and thermoelectric generator although general solar thermal power generation is equipped with turbines. Firstly, Fresnel lens and thermoelectric generator constructed conversion part. Secondly, in order to obtain output power from conversion part effectively, maximum power point technique is provided for controlling output voltage of thermoelectric generator. Maximum power point technique part, having microcontroller and DC-DC convertor, is the way that microcontroller can calculate or adjust boosting ratings only by reading open circuit voltage of thermoelectric generator. Therefore, this part reduces number of components as much as possible. After constructing this system, four experiments are conducted. First three experiments purposed to confirm whether conversion part can produce output power. The other experiment aims to check if maximum power point works.

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