Departmental Bulletin Paper マンゴーに発生する病害の防除を目指したプラズマミスト装置における芽胞菌及び大腸菌の殺菌

西村, 豪志  ,  堂園, 大雅  ,  後藤, 弘輝  ,  富永, 大  ,  迫田, 達也

46pp.175 - 178 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Apple Mango has been a representative product in Miyazaki. However, fruit rot disease such as Stem - end Rot and Anthrax Pathogen is serious. Therefore, it is necessary to perform sterilization. So, we fabricated two kinds of made sterilization devices operated in water mist. In order to confirm the usefulness of the source, we performed sterilization for Bacillus atrophaeus and Escherichia coli. It was confirmed the sterilization effect for both plasma sources.

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