Departmental Bulletin Paper 電磁波センサを用いた配電機器内部で生じる部分放電の検出

白浜, 優吾  ,  平島, 俊紀  ,  中村, 友哉  ,  迫田, 達也

46pp.139 - 142 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
To diagnose electric power apparatus under system in operation, to detect partial discharge (PD) which refers predictive phenomenon on insulation deterioration of the power apparatus is useful. An electromagnetic (EM) wave sensor technique is widely accepted for the detection of PDs. We installed a PD source in a 6.6 kV mold transformer tank. EM waves owing to the PDs were measured from the outside of the tank by an EM sensor. As the result, we successfully detected PDs with the magnitude of less than 10 pC and confirmed a linearity between the magnitude of EM signal and electrical charge of PD.

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