Departmental Bulletin Paper ランキング形式による構造損傷評価法の提案

盆子原, 康博  ,  近藤, 孝広  ,  花内, 勇也  ,  濵畑, 貴之

46pp.77 - 84 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Recently, structural health monitoring for assessing safety of buildings and constructions has received a lot of attention as a practical method for detection of aged deterioration or earthquake damage. The damage identification analysis based on filtering theory has a potentially effectiveness as a global monitoring both for identifying the damage locations and for estimating the extent of damage. In the computation process, the natural frequencies of the analysis object are utilized as observation data, and then the inverse analysis are performed recurrently to obtain the estimate values of system parameters. However, it is difficult to experimentally measure a large number of natural frequencies accurately. The purpose of this study is to develop a ranking approach to estimating structural damages. In this method, it is needed for only a few lower natural frequencies which can be measured experimentally. Although the location and extent of damages cannot be determined, the damage potential rankings are obtained as minimum required information to detect damage locations. In this paper, the evaluation method for choosing the observation data appropriately is newly proposed in order to improve the computation accuracy. The validity of the present method is confirmed by the results of the damage detection experiments.

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