Departmental Bulletin Paper 手腕振動障害の発症リスク低減を目的とした振動ランマの開発

盆子原, 康博  ,  近藤, 孝広  ,  濵畑, 貴之  ,  井上, 大地  ,  松浦, 快太

46pp.71 - 76 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
Hand-arm vibration syndrome characterized by the Raynaud's phenomena is known as a health disorder to cause by the long-term use of the hand-held vibrating tools and by excessive exposure to hand-arm vibrations. The purpose of this study is to develop a very low-vibrational tool using self-synchronization phenomena in order to decrease the risk of the hand-arm vibration syndrome. In this paper, the prototype experimental apparatus with a generation mechanism of synchronous vibration suitable for a tamping rammer is developed based on the mechanism of the impact model with two oscillators developed in the previous report. The availability of the synchronous vibration generated in the prototype experimental apparatus is investigated based on sand compaction tests and numerical computations using the shooting method. In addition, the experiment for measuring the daily vibration exposure values and the compaction forces was conducted to estimate the performance of a vibration control and a compaction. The results confirm that the stable synchronized vibrations which are able to achieve a good balance between vibration control and excitation could be generated by setting the system parameters appropriately.

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