Departmental Bulletin Paper 電磁力加振方式を採用した磁気浮上型攪拌翼を有する振動型ミキサーの開発

臼山, 智洋  ,  岡部, 匡  ,  濵畑, 貴之  ,  池田, 尚史  ,  加藤, 準人

46pp.53 - 58 , 2017-07-31 , 宮崎大学工学部
In order to improve the efficiency of mixing process, the vibratory mixer using magnetically evitated fin is developed. The stirring fin of this mixer is levitated with the magnetic force enhanced by Halbach array in stirring vessel, and excited from outside stirring vessel by periodically changing electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field is generated by a coil installed outside the stirring vessel. By adopting this exciting system, mixed liquid in the stirring vessel can be isolated from external environment, and then contamination into a mixed liquid can be prevented completely. In order to investigate vibration characteristics of the stirring fin, a prototype of this mixer is manufactured and experiments are performed. Experiments are executed on condition that stirring vessel is filled with water. Frequency response of peak-to-peak (p-p) amplitude and waveform of stirring fin are shown. The developed vibratory mixer of electromagnetic type can achieve competent performance for mixing, i.e., the resonance frequency is 12.9Hz and p-p amplitude of the stirring fin is 7.50mm. From the results of the experiments, effectiveness of the developed vibratory is confirmed

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