Departmental Bulletin Paper Numerical Analysis of Mudflow Transport in Porong Estuary, Sidoarjo, Indonesia

Sajali, M. Amar  ,  Murakami, Keisuke  ,  Pujiraharjo, Alwafi  ,  Wijatmiko, Indradi

45pp.255 - 262 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
Mudflows emerged in Sidoarjo regency directly provides a considerable impact on the problem of sedimentation in Porong Estuary, which acts as a navigation problem for fishing boats. The sedimentation process disrupts the navigation channel, as evident by difficulty fishing boats encounter when entering the Porong River. The government had conducted a dredging in Porong Estuary from 2008 to 2011 with a total amount of 1,115,000 m3. Today, more than four years later, there is no dredging activity in Porong Estuary. One of the reasons is that an annual dredging is expensive. Therefore, this research proposes submerging a T-shaped dike in Porong Estuary in order to reduce the dredging costs by decreasing the volume of the sedimentation. This research uses the CMS-Flow model to simulate waves, currents, water levels, sediment transport, and morphology changes to estimate the hydraulic properties in Porong Estuary. According to the results, the total volume decreased by the submerged Tshaped dike would be 17 %.

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