Departmental Bulletin Paper 口蹄疫の潜伏期にある農場を推定する手法の提案
Development of the Mathematic Technique to Detect Infections-farm Which Is in Latency Period of Foot-and-mouth Disease

高塚, 佳代子  ,  高橋, 弘季  ,  山場, 久昭  ,  久保田, 真一郎  ,  岡崎, 直宣

45pp.249 - 253 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
Foot-and-mouth disease is one of the important livestock epidemics. It is necessary for the prevention of epidemics measures of foot-and-mouth disease to be carried out at an earlier stage. However, there is a problem of the latency period not to be able to check infection though it is in an infection period. In this study, a mathematical-technique to detect the infections-farm is proposed. Concretely, we have developed a “virtual-sensor" to estimate the infection power that can infect the farm which is not infected. And we have found a universal factor which can improve precision of the virtual-sensor.

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