Departmental Bulletin Paper 周囲の状況に適応する統合的認証方式での状況判定法の精度向上について
On Accuracy Improvement in Surroundings Estimation for Surroundings Adaptable Integrated Authentication Method

山場, 久昭  ,  長野, 裕孝  ,  高塚, 佳代子  ,  久保田, 真一郎  ,  岡崎, 直宣

45pp.243 - 248 , 2016-07-29 , 宮崎大学工学部
At the present time, mobile devices come to be widely used. Since such devices store many kinds of important data, it is necessary to guard the devices using a personal authentication method. On the other hand, higher usability is also needed for such a authentication method. So, is is a hard task to guard mobile devices using a single authentification method. To overcome this problem, the integrated authentication method was proposed in the previous study to adapt multiple situations that have various kinds of requiremnets of security and usebility. However, the method to identify correct situation a device was plaeced was not good enough. In this study, a situation estimation method using GPS was investigated using a simple app developed by the authors and the method showed promise.

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